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Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Service and Maintenance

Mercedes carries a large selection of models, and some of the most complex computer systems on the market. The current systems require the Star Diagnostics scanner to access and program these systems. To maintain your Mercedes in proper working order, Service on these fine German will include changing your oil, brakes, antifreeze, brake fluid, cabin filter, air filter etc. The newest models also require computer software updates as well as service reminder resets.


Audi Maintenance

Checking fluids is an essential part of driving. To ensure your car is always in safe drivable condition always remember to check these fluids: Engine oil, Transmission oil, brake Fluid, windshield fluid, and antifreeze. Oil is the lifeblood of a car. Changing your oil and oil filter regularly is the single most important thing you can do for your car. Replacing Cabin filters, air filters, brake lining, multi-rib belts and timing belts is also necessary to properly maintain your Audi. Changing them at the correct intervals will help ensure long trouble free use of your car.


BMW Service

A well maintained BMW's can reach 500k miles or more. To keep your BMW in tip top shape, it requires that you replace the cars fluids, and wearable parts at specific mileages. Your "service now" indicator is simply the notification system for this maintenance. Antifreeze, engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, brake linings, rotors, bearings and belts all must be replaced at specific intervals during the lifetime of your automobile. Replacing/maintaining the correct levels of these fluids/parts is critical in keeping your BMW in proper working order.

Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper Maintenance

Mini Cooper first launched in 1959 to combat high fuel prices. The Mini Coopers are spacious yet compact, and powerful while fuel efficient. These cars are excellent to drive and work on. The Compact nature of the engine compartment often requires significant disassembly to address basic engine maintenance. Experience, and specialized tools are necessary to maintain these cars.

Land Rover

Land Rover Repair

Land rovers are uniquely built, in that their systems share very little with other car manufacturers today. Our Technicians are trained to work on Land Rover, and more importantly have the necessary experience to service and repair these vehicles quickly and correctly. Changing your oil, oil filter multi-rib belts, battery, brakes, cabin filter, air filter are just some of the many services required to keep your land rover in proper working order.


Volkswagen Maintenance

We Use all OEM German parts in all repairs. Delivery from our OEM parts suppliers arrive 7 times a day , insuring your VW repair will be speedy, correct and reliable. Using original equipment during the repair of your VW is a crucial step towards keeping your Volkswagen in optimal working order and insuring it will continue to operate reliably when your odometer ticks past 200k or 300k. Using correct oil meaning choosing the correct weight and quality. Using it with an original German oil filter is especially effective in keeping your engine in good working order.


Jaguar Service and Maintenance

All Genuine Jaguar Parts are manufactured to the same specification as those originally fitted in your Jaguar. Which means when you buy one, you can be assured that you are buying the result of rigorous design, development and testing. Changing your oil, oil filter multi-rib belts, battery, brakes, cabin filter, air filter are just some of the many services required to keep your Jaguar in proper working order.