Our state-of-the-art diagnostic center allows us the full access we need to your automobile internal computers. The new Land rover auto diagnostic is the latest addition, featuring real time data capture adaptation, clearing and the most comprehensive full system scan to-date.

We can scan, adapt, charge or clear any car including the newest complex luxury cars i.e. Landover, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen,Mercedez. While these computers allow us to access your cars internal computer, it takes a qualified technician to find the source of the problem, and while we do carry all the latest technology, the necessary experience, expertise and knowledge remain our most important tools

We perform all of the same services and repairs that a dealership performs, but at a lower cost due to our lower overhead. In addition, your vehicle receives a thorough safety inspection, at no charge, every time you drop it off for service. Plus, we offer free morning shuttle service to make it as painless as possible for you.